Reward Tiers

200 Points: $5 In-Store Credit on Your Next Purchase

600 Points: $25 In-Store Credit on Your Next Purchase


400 Points: $15 In-Store Credit on Your Next Purchase

1000 Points: $50 In-Store Credit on Your Next Purchase

Terms and Conditions

Earning Points
Points are earned through purchases. One (1) point is earned for each pre-sales tax whole dollar spent. Amounts less than one whole dollar are not eligible for points. Points have no cash value.

In the unfortunate event that a customer must return something, the points awarded during the sale of the returned item(s), and associated with the the returned item(s) only, will be removed from the user's account. 

Reward Redemptions
When a customer earns enough points to redeem a reward tier, that reward tier cannot be used on the purchase that pushed them over that tier. In other words, a reward cannot be retroactively redeemed for the purchase that allowed the customer to use that reward in the first place.

The reward, when redeemed, must be used in whole. There is no cash back on partial purchases. Additionally, the entire value of the store credit reward must be used in its entirety before sales tax. Store credit rewards cannot be used toward sales tax.

A reward tier that offers physical goods is valid while supplies last. Such a reward cannot be redeemed for something we don't have.

Occasionally, a customer enrolled in our rewards program will receive text message, email, or push notification special offers. These offers will not be accepted past their expiration date — there can be no exceptions, as the technology we use for the program removes the offer from users' accounts upon the expiration date being reached.

Promotions and offers sent to customers are always subject to exclusions. See store for details on a case-by-case basis.

Percentage Discounts
Sometimes we may send out offers and promotions that indicate a certain percentage off a single product or an entire purchase. This offer is only valid on merchandise that is not already marked down. Many of the products we carry are already discounted to remain competitive with the many merchants on the Internet. Any item priced with an orange or yellow sticker is considered marked down, as is glow fuel, and as such, ineligible for any percentage-based discount. Our Point-of-Sale software prohibits this, and therefore there can be no exceptions.

Your privacy is important to us. Neither Roger's Hobby Center nor FiveStars will ever sell or distribute your information to a third-party.

There will be, on occasion, incidents that come up that we cannot anticipate and are not addressed here. In such cases, we give full power and authority to our employees to make a decision on that incident, and act accordingly, so long as those actions are not contradictory to these terms and conditions.


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