Labor is $40/Hour

We break labor down to 15 minute units - we don't feel it's right to charge an hour's fee for 15 minutes of work. By breaking our time down to 15 minute increments, you don't pay for more than you have to. Soldering work starts at only $5 per item soldered.


Services We Offer

  • Problem Diagnosis

  • Troubleshooting

  • Soldering

  • Parts Installation


Time is Valuable for You & Us

In most cases, we can't work on your repair while you wait. We have many customers that need assistance, and a limited amount of staff to help them. You may be asked to leave the vehicle with us, allowing us to make sure everyone has a chance at asking us questions and getting help.

Most repairs are finished in 1-2 weeks, depending on parts availability.

We Don't Work on Nitro or Gas Engines

If you have a nitro truck that needs a suspension arm replaced, we can do that. If you want us to run it and make sure it's properly tuned, that’s a service we don’t provide for various reasons. Learning how to work on an engine is part of the hobby, and the time between us tuning a vehicle and the owner picking it up can lead to the vehicle being out of tune again. Plus, with nitro’s popularity waning, very few of our staff even know how to work on nitro engines anymore. We don't tune engines, replace engine parts, rebuild engines, or run engines. Any engine-related repairs will be refused.

If you're new to the nitro world, check out our Nitro Engine Tuning Flowchart for help tuning, and there are plenty of videos on YouTube to help as well.

We Charge for Warranty Work

The warranty on any given product is between you and the manufacturer. We're happy to work with you to repair or replace defective items, but we reserve the right to charge for service. If a product is replaced under warranty from the manufacturer, we don't get compensated by the manufacturer for any labor involved in re-installing it.

No Warranty Replacements

Only the manufacturer of a product has the right to make a decision as to whether or not a product can be replaced under warranty. We are not authorized by most manufacturers to make that call. We may have a good idea what they'll do, but we can't know for sure until they do something. So we are not in a position to replace defective products off the shelf for anything  we don't have the authorization from the manufacturer to replace.

Some Brands We Can't/Won't Work On

These brands are either toy brands, and thus unrepairable, or brands that we cannot get parts for. These brands include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Air Hogs

  • XTM

  • Fast Lane

  • Nikko

  • WL Toys

  • Kyosho

  • Himoto Racing

  • New Bright

  • DJI

  • Syma

  • Iron Track

  • Tyco

  • Exceed R/C

  • Yuneec

Pick Up Your Repairs in a Timely Fashion

You wouldn't believe how many people have simply left their R/C vehicles with us over the years. While most people pick up their repairs promptly, some don't bother to pick them up at all. Any vehicles left with us more than 30 days after we've completed repairs will be considered our property and sold to recover our fees. We don't really want to keep your vehicles. We have enough of our own. So please, pick up your repairs promptly, and you and us both won't have to worry about this rule.


For Out-of-Area Repairs

Just because someone doesn't live nearby doesn't mean we aren't willing or able to help! We do take on repairs from around the country - if it's something we think we can fix, we'll usually try. However, we do have some rules regarding out-of-area repair requests. Please read the guidelines below to familiarize yourself with them.

Before you contact us regarding your repair, please follow one or more of the links below to see if there is a place closer to your location that might be able to help. We always recommend supporting your local hobby shop, as they will be there for you if you are there for them. Keep your community strong with your support - and you might just find a local gem you didn't know existed! If you exhaust your local resources, feel free to get in touch with us.


Contact Us BEFORE You Ship!

There could be instructions we might need to give you before you send your vehicle in, or we might even be able to determine the problem without you needing to send your vehicle in at all. Additionally, there are any number of reasons we might want to dissuade you from sending us your repair. We might be too busy to take on an additional repair, especially during the holidays. It may be a brand we're unfamiliar with. Whatever the case, make sure to either call or email us and receive permission to send us your repair before you send it.

We Only Accept Repairs From Within the USA

The language barrier is hard enough to deal with, but the headaches of international shipping means we just aren't interested in handling international repairs. Surely there is an establishment that can repair your vehicles in your own country - support them! Without local support, those hobby shops couldn't exist, so help keep them open and able to serve you long into the future.

Please Don't Ship LiPo Batteries

LiPo batteries can be fire hazards, and there are hefty fines that come along with shipping LiPo batteries if they are packaged incorrectly. In fact, in 2010, a UPS cargo plane carrying lithium batteries crashed due to a fire that began in the cargo hold, killing the two crew members on board. So please don't ship us LiPo batteries with your vehicles (or separately). If you do ship us your LiPo batteries, please understand that they will not be returned.

Once We Accept Your Repair Request

The first thing you need to do is download, print out, and fill out our Out of Area Repair Intake form. Please fill out the entire form, including the billing section. Any items sent without billing information will be kept, without being repaired, until return shipping is paid for by the customer.

Once we have your items, we will make our initial estimate of the repair costs and contact you. At that point, you can agree to the repair, or decline it, at which point we will charge you for return shipping and send it back unrepaired. During the course of the repair, we will add any small incidentals that come up, but we will contact you for permission if anything significant arises.

Once the repair is complete, we will contact you and advise you on the total cost of repair, including return shipping. Out of state repairs will not be charged Michigan sales tax. If a repair is unpaid for more than 30 days, we reserve the right to sell your items to recover our fees. By sending your items to us, you give us permission to sell your items if not paid for within 30 days from our first attempt to contact you regarding the repair's completion. You also give us permission to charge your credit card to pay for the requested repairs.

Download, Print, and Fill Out