Traxxas EZ-Peak Plus Charger


Traxxas EZ-Peak Plus Charger


Key Features

  • Recognizes Traxxas iD batteries and configures settings automatically

  • Program and optimize charger settings with an easy to use interface

  • LED Charge progress indicator

  • Optimized for faster LiPo balance charging

  • One button LiPo storage charge protects your battery investment

  • Advanced high-resolution peak detection delivers a perfect charge

  • Built-in cooling fan

  • Advanced Mode for full manual control of charger settings

  • Legacy support for all Traxxas High-Current Connectors

  • Built-in balance ports for conventional LiPo batteries

  • Charges 5-8-cell NiMH batteries, 2S-3S LiPo batteries

Required to Complete

  • Compatible LiPo Battery

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