Dromida Ocular FPV


Dromida Ocular FPV

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DIDE0020 by Dromida

Key Features

  • Optical Flow technology – Provides first-class stability.

  • Altitude Hold – Keeps the Ocular at your set altitude.

  • True-Stick Control – Moves the Ocular in the same direction that you move the sticks.

  • Auto Take-off and Land – Push to hover up to 1.5 meters. Push it again to land!

  • Wi-Fi FPV camera – Fly FPV with 30 fps video and 2 ms low-latency Wi-Fi.

  • Dromida FPV mobile app – Download the Dromida FPV mobile app to complete the FPV experience.

  • Long flight times – Spend more time in the air.

  • Replacement parts available to keep you flying

  • Everything you need is in the box*


  • Compatible smartphone

  • Download free app

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