Blade Nano CP S In Stock

The Nano CPX was one of our favorite collective-pitch helicopters, and it wasn't all that long ago that it was discontinued. We didn't, at the time, know why Horizon decided to stop production on the tiny helicopter, but we weren't happy about it.

All's forgiven, though, now that the Nano CP S has arrived. It's the same great chassis and same great handling, but with the added benefit of Horizon's SAFE technology, giving the pilot a panic switch and envelope limiting - an upgrade that makes the Nano CP S even better for collective-pitch novices. There's really nothing to dislike about the Nano CP S - even the price! The helicopter is available as a Bind-N-Fly for only $99.99, and for those that want a radio with it, $129.99 gets you the Ready-to-Fly edition. If you're at all interested in collective-pitch flight, check out the Blade Nano CP S!

Introducing the New Losi Night Crawler 2.0

Losi's original Night Crawler was a pretty popular truck when it first came out. With the recent emphasis on scale rigs, though, the Night Crawler sorta got left on the cutting room floor. Now, Losi has rejuvenated the Night Crawler, adding a new lightbar, tossing in a 35T motor, and calling it the Night Crawler 2.0.

The Night Crawler's big claim to fame was a worm-gear based drivetrain, providing the best grip and "drag-brake" possible, and that hasn't changed. You can't turn the tires by hand at all, something rock-crawling enthusiasts know is important when slipping isn't an option. The Night Crawler requires a battery and charger to be purchased separately, which sets you back a bit more, but the truck itself is a pretty good value at only $299.99, complete with radio, motor, ESC, and servo. Stop in and check it out today!

Indoor eFly Status: Another Event & Venue!

Last week, we reported that the Frankenmuth Aeromodelers Club found a new venue for their yearly indoor flying events. Now, this week, we're happy to report another event has been scheduled at yet another venue, this time by the Bay City Flying Eagles, and it's a pretty exciting announcement.

The new venue is the Tri-City Sports Complex in Auburn, with a huge 73,500 square feet and 65' ceilings, as you can see pictured above. This is hoped to be the first of many; depending on how well attended this first event, it might become a monthly thing - which would be awesome. Oh, and did I mention that this first event is FREE for pilots and spectators alike? How cool is that?

For this event's details, as well as the Frankenmuth Club's upcoming indoor flying event, check out our completely re-vamped Indoor eFly Event page, where you can see the latest news, event dates and times, and get directions to the venues.

Hopefully both of these events are well attended and grow into a regular thing in the winter, and it would be even better if the two clubs could work together so as not to schedule on top of each other and help bring all of the R/C pilots in Mid-Michigan together a couple times per month. If that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger, then the breakdown in relations between SVSU and the Frankenmuth Club just might turn into a blessing in disguise.

Indoor eFly Status: No More SVSU, New Location

In the last couple of weeks, the state of our local indoor flying event has been in question. The typical venue, SVSU’s Ryder Center has officially severed the relationship they have enjoyed with the Frankenmuth R/C Aeromodelers Club for a number of years, resulting in the annual Ryder Center eFly events being cancelled altogether. An unfortunate turn, to be sure - the Ryder Center eFlys were an event that brought many pilots together from all around mid-Michigan. It will be sad to see it go.

It has been suspected that a new “no-fly” policy in place at SVSU is the cause for this situation, but so far, I have not been able to confirm that. I have reached out to the media relations department at SVSU for further information, and will update this post when I hear anything back.

Not all is lost, though. Dan Pierce, of the Frankenmuth club, has found a new venue for the indoor flying events. The Kern Pavilion in Frankenmuth, will be host to an initial event on November 8th, 2015 from 7pm until 10pm. The cost of the event is $5 per pilot, while spectators get in free.

Heritage Park & Harvey Kern Pavilion

601 Weiss Street

Frankenmuth, Michigan 48734

Additionally, I have heard from multiple sources that another local club is pursuing other indoor flying locales, and should any additional information come to light, you can check back here for more information.

I think we can all agree that any venue of indoor R/C flight is better than no venue, and if any of these negotiations and rumors pan out, we hope for a seamless transition from the Ryder Center to wherever we go from here.

ECX BeatBox & KickFlip Now In Stock

While I was initially skeptical about these 1/36 scale RC vehicles, a test unit we ordered and played with changed my mind. These things are fun. The BeatBox and KickFlip are deceptively simple - the throttle is proportional, but the steering is on/off - it's all right, all center, or all left. This makes it a challenge to drive, but not in a bad way. These two tiny trucks handle utility carpet spectacularly, and even pavement isn't a problem for the foam tires. Tile floors leave them stranded, but the optional rubber tires fix that.

I'm impressed with these two offerings by ECX - their value exceeds their price point, which is a very reasonable $39.99. The BeatBox and KickFlip are fun R/C cars for just about anyone, and even make great gifts! Check them out in the store!