Our Branded T-Shirts Now for Sale!

Those that have been in the store in the last couple of days have probably seen myself and a few other employees wearing a new, Roger's Hobby Center branded T-Shirt. And if you have heard our ad on Z-93 or grabbed one of our business cards, you know we've been using the phrase "Life is Short / Get a Hobby" for a while now.

Now we are opening up these T-shirts to sell to you, our fantastic customers. The shirts are available in three colors (Royal Blue, Dark Heather, and Sand), and feature our tag line prominently on the chest, with our name and date established below. The back features the logos of Horizon Hobby's various R/C brands - sponsors for our shirts. Thanks to their sponsorship, we're able to price these shirts quite reasonably: only $9.99 for Small through X-Large sizes, and only $12.99 for 2X and 3X.

Check out our T-Shirt Page for more information and pictures of each color, front and back. And stop in to get your shirt soon - supplies are limited!

Ryder Center eFly Dates Announced

The dates for the 2014-2015 Ryder Center eFly events have been announced! You can view them here.

Dan Pierce, the coordinator of the eFlys for the Frankenmuth Aeromodelers, announced the dates today via email. Unlike last year, where the dates had pilots moving from Sundays to Wednesdays and back again, the events are all on Sundays for the upcoming season, and all take place from 6pm to 10pm.

Pricing, while normally announced with the dates, was not immediately available, as the Frankenmuth club and SVSU are still ironing out the contract. As soon as we hear more, we'll post it on our Ryder Center eFly Hub.

UMX Spacewalker In Stock; Just $99.99

We just received our first shipment of the new UMX Spacewalker from E-Flite! This 16.5", 3-channel airplane is great for any beginner pilot. Its small size makes it perfect for almost any space - even your backyard or the local gym. I expect this airplane to do very well during Christmas; it's a fantastic gift idea for anyone that wants to fly. And priced at just $99.99 for the Ready-to-Fly model, it's affordable too. The UMX Spacewalker is also available as a Bind-N-Fly for just $79.99, provided you already own a Spektrum DSMX or DSM2 radio system.

Stop in and check it out, and take a peek at the video below to see the Spacewalker in action!

Recall: Hobbyzone Super Cub S Charger

Horizon recently announced the recall of the charger and power supply from the Hobbyzone Super Cub S RTF and BNF. Apparently, there is a possibility that the combo could damage products and/or start fires. The effected items are only found in the Super Cub and not any other airplane by Hobbyzone or Parkzone.

If you own a Super Cub S (the version with SAFE technology), please stop using the charger and power supply, go here and fill out the form, and wait for Horizon to send you an email containing a pre-paid shipping label. Please do not bring the items back to the store, as we cannot replace the items for you.

For more information, please see Horizon's offical statement: Product Recall: 3S Li-Po DC Balance Charger and Power Supply.

Blade 200SRx Power Adjustment Video

Blade 200SRx Power Adjustment Video

If you own a Blade 200 SRx, you know that the power can sometimes be a bit... lacking. This was done to make the 200SRx an easy helicopter for the co-axial pilot to fly, but to those of us that are a bit more advanced in our flying skills, we want to increase the power for this fun little rotorhead.

Well, the guys over at Blade are right there with us, and have posted a nice video on how to up the motor power on the 200SRx, using two different radios: the stock radio that comes with the ready-to-Fly model, and a Spektrum DX9. In both cases, Blade Brand Manager Steve Petrotto shows us how to get these helis up to 200% power. Awesome!

The video is embedded after the break, for your viewing pleasure!

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Carstens Publications Closes Its Doors

Carstens Publications, known for their magazines Flying Models, Railfan & Railroad, and Model Railroad Craftsman, has gone out of business as of August 22nd, 2014, according to a statement posted to their website. Carstens was founded in 1933 and their first product was The Model Craftsman, which eventually became the magazine we know today as Model Railroad Craftsman. Carstens has been a staple in the hobby industry for more than 50 years.

According to the statement on their website, "...the current economic climate has placed us in this position," indicating the magazines were not selling well, or perhaps advertisers were spending their dollars elsewhere. Whatever the case, "discussion is continuing with several parties who expressed desire to take on the continuance of the magazines." So it's possible to see these magazines transistion to a new publisher. No word on the two annual publications, 0n30 Annual and HOn3 Annual.

Proto X - Now In Six Cool Colors!

Estes' popular quadcopter just got a multi-color refresh! The amazing little multi-rotor is now available in six cool colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Black, and White. And it's still just $39.99!

All of these colors are in stock and waiting for you to choose your favorite! Check out more information on these nimble micro fliers here.

Product Pages Get an Upgrade

It's been a long time since we really upgraded our product pages. It was an upgrade long overdue, but it's finally done. We've transformed our product pages into more image-rich and colorful, catalog-style cards. To most items, we have included a feature we started a while ago called "Staff Opinion", which allows us to give some of the information, which we would traditionally discuss with a customer face-to-face, to all of our virtual visitors. It helps further our goal of having our web experience mirror the experience of visiting our store in person.

We did remove some features as well. Pricing, for instance, has disappeared from our product pages. This is because things like pricing and availability change so frequently that we could not keep up with the changes on our website, and if we couldn't have it correct 100% of the time, we didn't want to have it there at all, cutting down on any misinformation we're promoting. This may be an inconvenience to some, and we apologise for that, but no price is better than the wrong price. We ask that folks call us for pricing and availability.

A lot of time and energy went into making these upgrades, and we hope you all like them!

Nürnberg 2014: Spektrum DX4C w/ AVC

Spektrum has announced the DX4C transmitter/receiver combo! It's everything you'd want in a budget-friendly, four-channel radio system, and comes equipped with AVC. The DX4C comes with 20 model memory, SD card capabilites to upgrade firmware, and the new DSMR modulation.

It will be available in March for the entirely-reasonable price tag of $139.99. Pre-order yours today!

Nürnberg 2014: Waterproof E-Maxx & E-Revo Brushless

The glaring hole in Traxxas' waterproof lineup was their biggest. The E-Maxx Brushless and E-Revo Brushless were not waterproof, while their brushed cousins enjoyed the occasional shower. Now, though, that's no longer the case.

Traxxas has upgraded to the Mamba Monster 2 system (though they're calling it the "MXL-6S"). The rest of the trucks appear to be largely the same, which is good, since there wasn't anything wrong with the platforms to begin with. Traxxas simply make the change to waterproof electronics, and that's great. Keep it simple.

The new waterproof E-Maxx is expected to sell for around $699.99, while the E-Revo with its waterproof electronics will go for $749.99. They are due out in the coming weeks.