Balance Connector Protector Clips Now In Stock

Ever pull a balance wire out of your LiPo battery? Or maybe you had the little metal clip break inside the balance connector? I have. These things happen because we end up pulling on the balance wires and not on the plug itself. But that little connector is so hard to get a hold of!

The Balance Connector Protector clips give you more purchase on the connector itself, preventing those damages to the battery. We use them on all our LiPo batteries here at the store, and I think anyone that uses LiPo batteries will like them. We currently stock them in 2S and 3S variants. Both kinds sell for $2.00/pair. We can add in other cell counts if we get enough requests to do so. So check out these awesome little clips, and protect your balance leads!

Edit: I goofed on the price. They're really only $1.00/pair.

Clearance Page Revamped, More Items Added

We've just revamped our Clearance Page! It features many items, big and small, that have sat on our shelves for too long and are being closed out at discounted prices. Right now we only have radio control cars/trucks and radio control aircraft items featured, but more will be added as time goes on. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, or simply check the Clearance Page regularly, to see new additions. You can find the link in the top navigation bar, under the section labelled "Products".

These prices will only be good on inventory on hand, and once an item sells out, we won't be likely to carry it again. Please call to confirm inventory on hand before driving from an appreciable distance - we'll try to keep the page up to date, but we won't always be able to.

Help us make room for new inventory and pick up some clearanced items today!

New Blade 180QX HD w/ HD Camera!

With all the positive feedback we've gotten on the Blade 350QX, it's no surprise to see Horizon take the idea and run with it. The 350QX is already the most advanced quad-rotor camera platform on the market, and now Horizon has the mini market shored up too.

Introducing the new Blade 180QX HD. It's just under 12" square (about the size of the now-discontinued mQX). It uses the same 500mAh 1S LiPo batteries the mQX did, and now features SAFE technology, making the quad more stable than ever.

The best part is that the quadcopter comes with a high-definition 720p remotely operated camera!

The Blade 180QX HD is going to be available as either a Ready-to-Fly ($179.99) or Bind-N-Fly ($149.99), and both are expected to be available Mid-November. Pre-order now!

E-Flite 720P HD Camera - For Only $40!

In addition to the new Blade 180QX HD, Horizon also announced a new camera meant for R/C use. It's a high-definition 720P camera and can collect 1.3MP still images as well. It's very lightweight - only 15 grams - so it can be used on almost any aircraft. As a bonus, it can be remotely operated, using any open receiver channel (or you can manually start the video before you take off).

The camera's included memory card holds 2GB of data. The built-in battery is a 1S 150mAh LiPo, and the camera comes with a USB charging cable (which looks like it's micro USB on the other end, meaning almost any smartphone cable will work too).

Oh, and one more thing: the price for this little camera? Only $39.99. Pre-order one (or more) today. They are due out in Mid-November.

Pactra, Being Closed Out, Drops in Price

The time has, unfortunately, come. It was announced in May that Pactra, along with Floquil and Polyscale train paints, was being discontinued. We vowed to continue carrying the brands for as long as we could. It has now become difficult to order enough colors in Pactra that we are dropping the line.

Effective immediately, we have dropped the prices on Pactra cans from $6.99ea to $5.49ea. Pactra 2/3 oz. jars of airbrushable paint have dropped from $4.99ea to $2.99ea. These prices will continue until we have sold the last of the paint.

To replace Pactra, we will be picking up the Tamiya PolyCarbonate Paint line. Tamiya offers over 60 colors to choose from, which is actually more than Pactra had. Please note that Tamiya paints are not compatible with Pactra, so you cannot use them together. As our inventory of Pactra wanes, more and more Tamiya paint will arrive to replace it.

So stop in soon and pick up a couple cans of your favorite color before it's gone forever!