eFly Night Announced for 2017-2018 Season


Once again, the Bay City Flying Eagles have reached an agreement with the Tri-City Sports Complex allowing radio controlled airplane pilots to fly indoors in their spacious dome! This is great news for all our local pilots.

Saturday, October 7 • 7pm — 10pm
Saturday, November 11 • 7pm — 10pm
Saturday, December 9 • 7pm — 10pm
Saturday, January 13 • 7pm — 10pm
Friday, February 16 • 7pm — 10pm
Friday, March 16 • 7pm — 10pm

$15 To Fly • Spectators get in FREE

Due to the cost of the events, it's imperative that local pilots support the club by coming out and flying. So tell a friend, dust off the indoor airplanes, and support your local pilots and clubs!

You can find directions and other information at our eFly page.

Weekly eFly Announced for Winter

In a surprising move, the owner of the Tri-City Sports Complex in Auburn has announced a weekly indoor fun fly, every Wednesday from 1PM to 4PM. It costs $15 per pilot, but there is no mention of a charge for spectators. This is welcome for all R/C pilots that are available in the afternoon and would like to get some more flying in during the winter.

These events are NOT sanctioned by the AMA, and therefore no AMA card or membership is required, opening the event to those that have decided against joining the aviation organization.

This is great news, and I hope that pilots take advantage of this opportunity, lest it disappear for lack of attendance.

E-Flite UMX Yak 54 3D In Stock

What perfect timing! With the first indoor eFly happening this weekend, the folks at Horizon picked the perfect week to launch the new UMX Yak 54! Based on the very-popular AS3Xtra design, the UMX Yak 54 delivers great indoor 3D performance and a slick trim scheme to match.

The UMX Yak 54 3D BNF Basic requires a battery, charger, and Spektrum transmitter. It sells for $99.99, and is in stock now! Pick one up for the weekend!

Auburn Indoor eFly Dates Set

Indoor season is fast approaching, and we've just received the 2016-2017 dates for the Auburn Indoor eFly events, held at the Tri-City Sports Complex and put on by the Bay City Flying Eagles. These events are a great venue for R/C pilots and aviation enthusiasts to get together and have some fun!

If you're interested in learning more about the events, check out our event page, where you can find details and directions!

Indoor eFly Status: Another Event & Venue!

Last week, we reported that the Frankenmuth Aeromodelers Club found a new venue for their yearly indoor flying events. Now, this week, we're happy to report another event has been scheduled at yet another venue, this time by the Bay City Flying Eagles, and it's a pretty exciting announcement.

The new venue is the Tri-City Sports Complex in Auburn, with a huge 73,500 square feet and 65' ceilings, as you can see pictured above. This is hoped to be the first of many; depending on how well attended this first event, it might become a monthly thing - which would be awesome. Oh, and did I mention that this first event is FREE for pilots and spectators alike? How cool is that?

For this event's details, as well as the Frankenmuth Club's upcoming indoor flying event, check out our completely re-vamped Indoor eFly Event page, where you can see the latest news, event dates and times, and get directions to the venues.

Hopefully both of these events are well attended and grow into a regular thing in the winter, and it would be even better if the two clubs could work together so as not to schedule on top of each other and help bring all of the R/C pilots in Mid-Michigan together a couple times per month. If that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger, then the breakdown in relations between SVSU and the Frankenmuth Club just might turn into a blessing in disguise.