The (Ultra Micro) P-40 Warhawk from ParkZone

The newest addition to the ParkZone Ultra Micro warbird lineup is the P-40 Warhawk. The Warhawk comes equipped with the quickly-becoming-standard AS3X stabilization technology, which should make the it fly as though it is much larger. It also comes with the kind of attention to detail that we've come to expect from ParkZone: scale guns on the wing, exhaust on the fuselage, instrument panel decals, and a realistic Flying Tigers trim scheme. The P-40 Warhawk is an iconic aircraft from WWII, and it's recreated by ParkZone in stunning detail. For accessories, it comes with the usual: 150mAh LiPo and a DC charger. The P-40 Warhawk is sold as a Bind-N-Fly, and will go for $99.99 when it arrives in about a month.

MiG 15 Ultra Micro EDF Launching in April

E-Flite has an exciting new Ducted Fan airplane coming out in April. It's the swept-wing MiG 15 fighter, and it has a wingspan of 16.2". That's right, it's an Ultra-Micro EDF (Electric Ducted Fan)! It features the AS3X Stabilization technology, and is the first micro EDF motor system put out by E-Flite. The airplane has full four channel control, a 2S LiPo, and a high-power 11750Kv brushless motor.

The MiG 15 will be available in the Bind-N-Fly format for $169.99. As mentioned above, it's due out in late April.

Ultra Micro Spitfire Mk IX Set to Soar in May

Last year, Parkzone came out with a completely re-designed Spitfire Mk IX, featuring optional retracts and a great, scale look. Now they've announced a pint-sized version of one of the most loved warbirds of WWII. The new Ultra-Micro Spitfire Mk IX is equipped with the latest in AS3X stabilization hardware and the same great scale looks of it's big brother.

It will be available in the Bind-N-Fly format for $99.99, and is set to soar into stores late May. This airplane will be a big hit, so pre-orders are welcome. Make sure you get yours first!