No Toledo Bus Trip in 2019

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Roger’s Hobby Center has been involved with a bus trip down to the Toledo Show for as long as I can remember -- it was always a fun experience for me as a kid, getting to spend the day with my dad and seeing all the cool stuff, plus it was a day off of school. When I started working here, my approach to the show changed. Now it was part of my job, but the enjoyment of going down, seeing the sights, and talking to our customers didn’t wane.


Then, when we ended up taking the reins and organizing the trip ourselves -- and I became the trip coordinator -- the show changed for us again. Now we had to worry about the finances of getting the trip together, collect payment, and coordinate a large group of people at the same time. That first year was daunting, but we made it through, and the trip’s workflow and behind-the-scenes operation got easier and slightly less time consuming. Yet again, however, none of that diminished my enjoyment of the trip.

Over the past couple years, though, the finances have become a problem, which all came to a head last year, when we ended up with barely enough people to make the trip pay for itself. Couple that with a show obviously in decline, and an industry with problems attracting new hobbyists, and sadly, it no longer makes financial sense to organize the Toledo Show Bus Trip.

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I’m as sad as everyone else we won’t be bussing down to Toledo anymore. I’m bummed the show’s appeal has nosedived over the last few years, and I’m disappointed costs in transportation have risen so much that we need more people than ever to make the trip possible, but there is little I can do about any of that.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone that made the Toledo Show Bus Trip possible over the last twenty-some years. A special thank you goes to Art Lewis, whose now-gone tour company organized and carried out the trip for many, many years before handing us the reins. The trip only existed in the first place because of him.

It’s been an absolute blast chatting with all of the people who joined us on the ride down, learning about what they saw at the show that got them excited, and what turned them off. Those people all have my sincere thanks for taking the time to explain their hobby to a young kid that knew nothing about it before he worked at a hobby shop.

It’s not impossible that we’ll revive the trip again someday, should conditions change. I wouldn’t put money on it, but I wouldn’t completely discount it, either. A lot can change in a year or two. For now, though, thank you once more to everyone that joined us on the bus, and we hope to see you all in the store.


2017 Toledo Bus Trip Weather Update

Some of our Toledo Trip attendees have asked if the trip is still on track. This question comes as we brace for yet another (and hopefully final) winter storm. Snow storms like this are not unheard of in April, and we've certainly dealt with our fair share of weather issues in the past, and this storm will be no different.

First, I assure you that the trip is still going as planned as of this moment. If, for some reason, Blue Lakes cancels the trip of their own accord, we will of course reach out to all of you as soon as we know. Barring that, however, the trip will proceed as planned.

However, I know that it is likely some of you will be unable to reach your designated pickup location - especially some of our patrons to the north. In the event that you cannot attend the trip, please contact us, either via email to info (at) rogershobbycenter (dot) com or via the following phone number (now redacted).

This phone number will send you directly to a voicemail account set up solely for the purposes of receiving messages from folks that must cancel their reservation. We ask that you call, if at all possible, before 7:00AM Friday morning to let us know you will not make it, so we are not waiting for someone that will not be showing up. 

In the event that cancellations do occur, we will examine the possibility of partial refunds, even while our official trip policy states that none can be given. This is obviously an extenuating circumstance, and we will do what we can to ensure as much fairness as possible, given the situation.

Any further questions can be directed to myself at (989) 790-0080 (from 10AM until 6PM Thursday) or via email at info (at) rogershobbycenter (dot) com. I hope to see all of you on the bus, and please, be safe in this adverse weather conditions.

Toledo Bus Trip 2015 Registration Now Open!

Registration is open for the 2015 Toledo Bus Trip! The trip is April 10th, 2015, and tickets are just $59 per seat, which includes your admission into the show. Check out our Toledo Trip Registration Page for more information about the trip, including the Itinerary, directions to the pick-up locations, and more! If you plan on going, be quick though - registration ends on March 31st, so sign up soon!

We hope to see you on the bus!

Toledo Show 2013 Predictions Blog Post Up

Part of the fun in going to a show like the Toledo Show is guessing what exactly we'll see there, and also figuring out what we'd hope to see. So I wrote up six predictions/hopes for this year's Toledo Show. You can read them on our store's blog page, here.

Am I right? Wrong? Incredibly off base? Find out with us! There are still seats open on the bus trip down. Find more information about the show and the trip on our Toledo Bus Trip hub, here!

Toledo Trip 2013 is a Go!

The end of January has brought with it the beginning of the Weak Signals Toledo Trip 2013 registration! Information on the trip has been posted on our Toledo Trip page, along with the option to register and pay online. Not sure what the Toledo Trip is? That info is also located on our Toledo Trip page. You can download the flyer for the trip too!

As always, we're looking forward to the trip and the show. Make sure to register early - we're hoping to fill the bus this year!