iHobby 2012 Reflection Article Posted

My thoughts and reflections on the iHobby Expo 2012 have been posted on our store's blog. Entitled "iHobby 2012: Where Are All the People?", I talk about who was (and wasn't) at the show, and some of the products I thought were highlights. Also included is a video of the new ECX Revenge buggy with yours truly at the steering wheel. At least I didn't break it!

1/16 Summit VXL Review is Up

The review for the new 1/16 scale Traxxas Summit VXl is up! Check it out here, or click on the "Blog" tab on the navigation bar to read all about it! The bottom line is this: if you're looking for a holiday gift of the R/C truck persuasion, it's going to be worth reading this review.

Or better yet, stop in and pick one up to see for yourself how much performance Traxxas managed to fit into such a small package!