Traxxas to Enter R/C Heli Market? (Rumor)

Here's the latest from the rumor mill. Apparently, Traxxas aquired a company that makes R/C helicopters late last year, and are going to be bringing helicopters into the Traxxas lineup before the end of the year.

I've heard this rumor from a couple of seperate (and unrelated) sources now, so I think this has some credibility. I don't really understand the reasoning behind the move, but it's Traxxas. According to the rumor, they are going to try to compete head on with the Blade heli line.

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Traxxas to Release a Ford Raptor SVT?

The guys over at Big Squid R/C reported yesterday that Traxxas will be releasing a Ford Raptor SVT on the Slash 1/10th scale platform. It will supposedly come with a 2.4GHz radio system, and the XL-5/Titan 550 motor combo. No word on pricing, but I would guess a street price of between $260 and $280, based on what the a similarlly spec'd Slash goes for.

We'll keep our eyes out for more details, but I suspect this one is going to be a flop. But then, I said the same thing about the Monster Jam license as well - so who knows?