Spektrum iX12 Arrives

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If you're one of the many R/C pilots looking for a radio upgrade this year, look no further. Spektrum's hotly anticipated iX12 12-Channel radio system has arrived. The transmitter is powered by Android with a capacitive 4" color touchscreen display. The radio boasts both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and can be updated in the Google Play store (which they recommend doing before using for the first time). Download the YouTube app for quick tutorial videos at the field, play some music with Bluetooth headphones, and more! The iX12 transmitter sells for $599.99 on its own, or $699.99 with an AR9030T 9-channel telemetry receiver. We have the receiver-less one on the shelf for now.

Stop in and take it for a spin, and check out the tutorial videos Horizon Hobby posted to one of their YouTube channels - they are going to be a great help for first-time users! I have the current ones below, but there may be more in the future. Here's a link to the entire playlist on YouTube. For more information on the radio itself, check out Spektrum's product page on the iX12.

Spring Closeouts at Roger's

It's time for some spring cleaning! We've marked down more than a dozen products to clear out room for new arrivals, so stop in and save some green on the products below — before they disappear from our shelves for good!



Blade mSR S Ready-to-Fly

was $119.99

Now Only $99.99

Blade mSR S Bind-N-Fly

was $99.99

Now Only $79.99


RISE HouseRacer FPV Ready-to-Fly

was $179.99

Sold Out


Great Planes Ultra Sport 46 ARF

was $199.99

Sold Out


Dromida 1:18 Touring Car

was $109.99

Sold Out


Spektrum DX7 Transmitter Only

was $299.99

Sold Out

Spektrum DX7 Transmitter & Receiver

was $349.99

Now Only $279.99


Dromida Twin Explorer Airplane

was $49.99

Sold Out


Blade 230 S Bind-N-Fly

was $249.99

Sold Out


Inventory Reduction


Blade 120 S Ready-to-Fly

was $149.99

Now Only $129.99


RealFlight X (Full Version)

was $179.99

Now Only $159.99

RealFlight X (Software Only)

was $99.99

Now Only $79.99


All prices are only valid for in-stock items, and will not be valid on any special orders. Limited stock available, so act fast!

DX6e Radio System Has Arrived

It you're in the market for a less expensive alternative to the Spektrum DX6 transmitter, but don't want to compromise on the great programming features it offers, then check out the new DX6e!

Designed to replace the aging DX6i transmitter, the DX6e offers the same programming features, multiple wing types, 250 model memory, and channel assignments that the DX6 has. The only features lacking are a training cord plug (but you can still utilize the wireless training link Spektrum offers) and the voice alerts feature. The case is entirely plastic, much like the DXe transmitter, but that don't really detract from the look and feel of the transmitter.

The new DX6e is available with a six channel AR610 receiver for only $179.99, and if you don't need the receiver, you can purchase the transmitter alone for $149.99, and they are in stock now!

Spektrum DX7 Revealed

"Pilots don’t have to give up pro-class features just because they only need seven channels. The new Spektrum™ DX7 system gives [pilots] programming for three model types, 250-model memory, voice alerts, a wireless trainer link and more. The built-in telemetry feature gives you real-time information on things like model battery voltage, signal quality, engine or motor temperature, airspeed, altitude with other options being added all the time. Using the voice alert system, you can program the DX7 to tell you when specific telemetry values reach or exceed limits you define so [pilots] don’t have to rely on luck for critical aircraft information."

The DX6 has been a great selling radio, mostly based on its awesome features and ease of use. Now Spektrum has brought that level of awesome to the new DX7.

There isn't much else that has to be said. If you need a 7-channel radio, there isn't going to be a better one around. Look for the DX7 (with an AR8000 receiver) to hit the shelf later this month for a very reasonable $349.99. Want to make sure you get the first one? Pre-order it today!

Update: It's now in stock!