Testors Drops Pactra, Floquil, and Polyscale

In a surprise annoucment, Testors has revealed that they will be dropping Floquil, Polyscale, Pactra and ColorArtz paint lines. The Floquil and Polyscale paints are very popular among model railroaders, and are the premire train-specific paints on the market. Pactra is a huge loss for the radio control car hobbyists, for many of whom Pactra was the number one choice for polycarbonate body paint (and is the only brand of R/C car paint we've carried regularly for over 20 years).

This is a huge loss to the hobbyist world. If you have any particular feelings about this (and I'm sure many of you do), let Testors know about it at their Facebook Page or email their customer service at customerservice@testors.com.

We will continue to carry and sell all of the dropped brands until we cannot order more. What brands we pick up to replace these losses, we do not know yet. If you have a recommendation, please stop by our Facebook page and let us know. Oh, and you can read the press release after the break.

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Proline Toyota Tundra SCT Body Announced

Calling all Toyota fans! For the longest time, only Chevy and Ford had been represented in the short course body club, leaving both Dodge and Toyota on the outside looking in. but last week, Dodge just got lonelier, because Proline announced a new Toyota Tundra body for short course vehicles. It will retail at $41.95. No word on release date yet, but we'll have one as soon as they are available.

If Toyota isn't your thing, you can stop in and check out our other short course bodies on hand. We have a respectable selection from Proline, JConcepts, and HPI on the shelf. And if you don't find anything you're looking for, we can order one in for you at no additional cost! Stop in today!