Blade Ozone Drone Flies In

2018-08-23 10.54.02-1.jpg

With the popular but flawed Dromida Vista now discontinued, we needed a great beginner, outdoor drone to sell — and Blade answered the call. The new Blade Ozone is a remix of the very solid Blade mQX and Blade 180QX from years ago. Proving that good ideas never die, the folks at Blade have made the platform relevant again. It flies very well, and it's simple design emphasizes the Ozone's durability.

The Ozone is Ready-to-Fly out of the box — just charge the battery and take off! The drone sells for $99.99, and extra batteries are available for purchase at just $14.99. Stop in and ask for a demonstration today!

David managed to get the Ozone stuck...

David managed to get the Ozone stuck...

...but rescued it a few minutes later.

...but rescued it a few minutes later.

New Invezo Stunt Drone in Stock

2017-08-29 17.28.11.jpg

David's enjoying the new Invezo Stunt Drone from Revolution, a new hobby-shop-only brand from Horizon Hobby. The Revolution Invezo Stunt Drone is easy to fly, even if it's your first time. The unique airframe design is durable and helps to protect the rotors from most impacts and crashes. It's small enough to fly almost anywhere indoors, but isn't hard to see or fly like some smaller "micro" drones. Built-in color LED lights vividly display aircraft attitude and orientation, especially in low light conditions or when you're flying upside down.


Once you've mastered the basics of drone flight, the Invezo can take your skills to a higher level. Three different control mode options let you change the rate of agility at the press of a button. Fly slow and smooth or as fast and aggressive as you like. You can also flip upside down to fly inverted or perform full aerial flips at the press of a button. Invezo makes learning to fly a drone and perform stunts easy.

Learn the basics of flight in the Easy control mode, and at the press of a button you can increase the Invezo Stunt Drone's agility with the Pro or 3D control rates. You can also perform full 360° flips or 180° half flips to fly inverted. Upright or inverted, Invezo is easy to fly either way.

The Invezo comes out of the box completely assembled, test flown and ready to fly. Also in the box is everything you need including AAA batteries for the 2.4GHz transmitter. The rechargeable LiPo battery delivers long flight times and the included charger works from almost any computer or USB power source. Even a spare set of rotor blades is provided. That means there's nothing extra to buy and you can be ready to fly within minutes of opening the box.

The Invezo runs only $44.99 and is in stock now!

Blade Nano QX is Back!

We used to carry the Blade nano QX. It was a great beginner's quadcopter, and still is. The market around the Nano QX changed, though, and prices started coming down on quadcopters, or drones as we call them now. The Nano QX didn't drop its price, though, and soon it was being left on the shelf in lieu of other, cheaper or bigger drones.

Horizon Hobby finally saw the light and lowered the price on the Nano QX, effective September 1st, and as a result, the Nano QX is back!

Now priced at just $59.99 for the Ready-to-Fly version, the Nano QX is a fantastic beginner quadcopter for anyone, and it's never been more affordable! Pick yours up today!

DIY Quadcopter Supplies Now In Stock!

Starting this week, we're now carrying supplies for the "DIY" quadcopter enthusiast - including all the necessary equipment to build the above (and below) 250-size multi-rotor that I build last week. I'm pretty pleased with the result - the chassis is clean with no extraneous wires lying around. It was a fun build process, with only a few headaches, mostly due to the lack of solid directions and/or guides on how to program the flight control board.

I'm planning on writing my own step-by-step instructions on how to build this quadcopter, including how to program it. I'm not sure how long the writing process on this will take, but keep an eye out for that guide when it gets published.

Here's a list of the equipment used on this build, all of which we now carry in stock:

  • Diatone "Silver Blade" 250-size Quadcopter Frame
  • Emax 1806 Motor Combo (2CW & 2CCW)
  • Naze 32 Full Flight Control Board
  • Castle Creations Talon 25 Quadcopter ESCs
  • Spektrum DSMX Remote Receiver
  • ECX Velcro Battery Strap
  • EC3 Device Connector
  • Parma Pro Servo Tape
  • 4" Red/Black 12GA Wire

We also carry GemFan propellers in 5x3, 5x4.5, and 6x3 sizes in various colors. The clear props used on the quadcopter below came with the Diatone frame.

As we see interest in this multi-rotor category increase, we'll certainly expand it as needed. Right now, we're focused on the 250-class quadcopters and related equipment, and strive to have the best products on the shelf for our customers. If you've ever been interested in building your own quadcopter, stop in and let's chat about it! We'll get you set up in no time!

Blade Glimpse FPV Now In Stock

I was excited about the Blade Glimpse from the moment it was announced. I have a tough time flying FPV with goggles (mostly because of my glasses), so a top-notch quadcopter with FPV streaming to a phone sounded pretty amazing. Now, the Glimpse has come out and is in stock.

The Glimpse is equipped with SAFE technology for ease-of-use, and has an integrated HD camera capable of 720P HD capture. It's a little bigger than the Blade Nano QX, and that extra size makes it a bit more stable outdoors, though it's still plenty small enough to fly inside. You can enjoy 6-8 minute flights with the included 500mAh 1S LiPo, and the included USB charger makes recharging a breeze.

The best part about the Glimpse is the First-Person-View setup. It allows streaming to multiple smartphones or tablets with it's "Team View" tech. The stream is still a little laggy, but better than most WiFi FPV rigs. As a primer on FPV flight and aerial photography, the Glimpse should be a winner. Pick up an RTF ($220) or a BNF ($180) today!