Blade Nano QX is Back!

We used to carry the Blade nano QX. It was a great beginner's quadcopter, and still is. The market around the Nano QX changed, though, and prices started coming down on quadcopters, or drones as we call them now. The Nano QX didn't drop its price, though, and soon it was being left on the shelf in lieu of other, cheaper or bigger drones.

Horizon Hobby finally saw the light and lowered the price on the Nano QX, effective September 1st, and as a result, the Nano QX is back!

Now priced at just $59.99 for the Ready-to-Fly version, the Nano QX is a fantastic beginner quadcopter for anyone, and it's never been more affordable! Pick yours up today!

Traxxas Velineon Price Drop

Way, way back in April 2013, we reported that the price of the Traxxas Velineon Power-Up was going up. And it did. In that time, the Velineon motor system went from our Top Ten list to barely selling any at all.

That must not have escaped Traxxas' notice, because the Power-Up price of the Velineon 1/10th scale system has decreased. Before it was $170 for the Power-Up trade in; it's now only $130! That $40 price drop now makes the VXL-3S motor and speed control a viable choice for anyone looking to upgrade. The outright purchase price has gone down as well. Whereas it was $200 for the entire system before, it's now only $160, another $40 price drop.

So if you've been on the fence about switching to brushless, there's no better time than now! Get all the details on our Traxxas Power-Up Page.