New Historic NASCAR Model In Stock


Any long-time NASCAR fans in the house? Check out this new plastic model of the Oldsmobile 442 Buddy Baker drove to victory in the 1980 Daytona 500! Nicknamed the "Gray Ghost", this model kit from Salvinos JR Models is made in the United States and features over 110 unpainted parts, 17 chrome parts, Cartograf decals, and finally, the instructions. The kit runs $39.99,

This kit is the first model put out by Salvinos JR Models, and it's a limited run, so get yours before they disappear.

X-Maxx Aluminum Hop-Ups Arrive

Own an X-Maxx and want to make it even more durable? Then check out these new aluminum hop-ups we just got in from Racer's Edge. The black anodization goes with any color truck, and adds a greater level of durability to the front or rear bearing carriers, the front c-hubs, or even the front toe-links!

Black Aluminum Front Hub Carriers
Black Aluminum Rear Hub Carriers
Black Aluminum Steering Knuckles
Black Aluminum Toe Links


So get 'em while they're new!

T-28 Trojan Lands on the Shelf


One of our best-selling park flyer airplanes is back! The Parkzone T-28 Trojan is a superb intermediate-level R/C aircraft, great for pilot who has progressed beyond their initial trainer. It is available as a Plug-N-Play model, meaning you can add your own radio system, battery and charger, or for those with Spektrum equipment, we have the Bind-N-Fly Basic model, which features Horizon's patented AS3X 3-axis gyroscope and SAFE Select, though it still requires you to have a Spektrum 6+ channel programmable radio, a battery, and charger.

Horizon recommends a 2200mAh 3S LiPo for this aircraft.

Stop in and take off with one today!

T-28 Trojan PNP

T-28 Trojan BNF Basic

New Items at Roger's: Candles!

2018-06-09 17.05.09.jpg

In an effort to diversify our in-store offerings, we've chosen to bring in some candles to really light up (get it?) the store! We have six scents to choose from, and they all come in a nice, colored-glass jar. They run $7.99 each.

I have to say, my favorite is the blue (Tranquility) and yellow (Vitality) scents. Which one will be your favorite? Stop in and find out!

2018-06-09 17.05.39.jpg
2018-06-09 17.06.38.jpg

Axial Deadbolt 2 In Stock, Come Try it Out


We received the new Axial SCX10 II Deadbolt a few days ago, and we've been playing with it ever since! The Deadbolt was always a great way to get into the R/C rock crawling hobby, and the new version is no different. It features the SCX10 II's new AR44 axles, chassis-mounted-servo, a four-link rear suspension set up, and much more.

The Deadbolt sells for $299.99 and requires a battery and charger, sold separately. Stop in and try our demo out soon!


David figured out how to stoppie the Deadbolt SCX10 2 today. 😂 @axialracing

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Horizon's Foam Frenzy is Back - Save Up to $30


Dozens of Horizon Hobby's R/C airplanes are on sale through April 30th, including some of the airplanes we have on clearance in the store — a double savings! Check out the list below, and stop in to save your hard earned cash and still walk out with an R/C airplane!

 UMX Aero-Commander BNF Basic

UMX Aero-Commander BNF Basic

Save $15 On These Airplanes

  • UMX Radian BNF
  • UMX PT-17 BNF
  • UMX Whipit DLG BNF Basic
  • UMX P-47 BL BNF Basic
  • UMX P-51 Bl BNF Basic
  • UMX J-3 Cub BL BNF Basic
  • UMX Yak 54 3D BNF Basic
  • UMX A-10 BL BNF Basic
  • UMX P3 Revolution BNF Basic
  • UMX Pitts S-1S BNF Basic
  • UMX Waco BL BNF-Basic
  • UMX B-25 BNF Basic
  • UMX Cessna 182 BNF Basic
  • UMX Aero-Commander BNF Basic*
  • UMX Vapor Lite HP BNF Basic

Save $30 On These Airplanes

  • E-Flite Apprentice S 15e BNF
  • PT-17 1.1m BNF Basic
  • Radian BNF Basic
  • Commander mPd 1.4m BNF Basic
  • Radian XL 2.6m BNF Basic
  • Timber 1.5m BNF Basic
  • ICON A5 1.3m BNF Basic
  • Cirrus SR-22T 1.5M BNF Basic*
  • Brave Night Flyer BNF Basic
  • NIGHTvisionaire BNF Basic
  • P-51D Mustang 1.2m BNF Basic
  • T-28 1.2m BNF Basic
  • P-47 1.2m BNF Basic
  • F4U-4 Corsair 1.2M BNF Basic
  • Spitfire Mk XIV 1.2M BNF Basic
  • AT-6 1.5m BNF Basic
  • Sukhoi SU-29MM (Gen 2) BNF Basic
  • Ultimate 2 BNF Basic
  • Opterra 2M Wing BNF Basic
 E-Flite's Cirrus SR-22T 1.5M BNF Basic

E-Flite's Cirrus SR-22T 1.5M BNF Basic

*Indicates item is on clearance; coupon is eligible even with clearance price!

Wake Your Summer - Up to $30 Off R/C Boats

Wake Your Summer.jpg

From scale to sail, everyone loves a day on the water. Spice up your trips up north with an R/C boat from ProBoat! They offer a great selection of race, scale, and sailboats — some we stock, others we can order, but either way, you can save up to $30 off on ProBoat models during the Wake Your Summer event! Now, through May 31st, 2018, stop in and save. We already have the coupons, so the savings are instant. Check out the savings tiers below, and stop in soon!


Save $10 on These Boats

  • Stealthwake 23" Deep-V
  • Recoil 17" Self-Righting Boat
  • Miss Geico 17" Catamaran

Save $30 on These Boats

  • Ragazza 1M Sailboat
  • UL-19 30" Hydroplane Boat
  • Veles 29" Catamaran
  • Voracity 36" Deep-V
  • Zelos Twin 36" Catamaran
  • Zelos 48" Gas-Powered Catamaran

Save $20 on These Boats

  • Blackjack 24" Brushless Catamaran
  • Shockwave 26" Brushless Deep-V
  • Recoil 26" Brushless Self-Righting Boat
  • River Jet 23" Deep-V
  • Alpha 21" Patrol Boat

New M1235A1 From Panda Hobbies In Stock

2018-03-05 14.54.52.jpg

This 1/35 scale M1235A1 MAXXPRO Dash DXM kit from Panda Hobbies is ready to rock and roll with plenty of detailed parts, including photo etched parts too! The instructions have clear drawings of what to do in each step, so it should be easy to follow. There isn't much more information to go over here, so check it out next time you stop in!

Two New AMT Kits In Stock


New AMT releases arrive in the store today! First off, from left to right, we have the 1958 Edsel Pacer, a 1/25 model kit celebrating the car's fiftieth anniversary. Then comes the 1966 Ford Fairlane GT/GTA Hardtop, a 1/25 scale kit featuring modern tooling, 2-in-1 pad printed tires, and an expanded decal sheet. Both kits sell for $34.99.

Stop in and pick up yours today!