NEW Traxxas Maxx Announced!


What a bombshell Traxxas dropped! Yesterday, the news went live around 5pm: Traxxas announced a brand-new monster truck based on the popular X-Maxx design: the Traxxas Maxx. This new truck features most of the things people love about the bigger X-Maxx: the clipless body design, the beefy differentials, the torque-biasing center drive, and the heart-stopping power. It’s all there.

The Maxx runs on either a single 3S or single 4S LiPo battery, with estimated speeds of 40 to 55 MPH on stock gearing, respectively. The tires are Stampede-standard 2.8” rims, but the Maxx uses 17MM hexes instead of 12MM hexes. Luckily, Pro-Line’s new removable-hex rims allows one to simply purchase the 17MM adapters instead of a whole new set of tires.

Our first-delivery model will be in-store later this week, so you can see the Maxx in person before placing your pre-order. The Maxx is expected to start shipping mid-October, so get your pre-order in soon!

The truck will sell for $549.99, but…


As a special pre-order offer, we’re locking in a price of $529.99 for anyone who pre-orders the truck through us!