Wake Your Summer - Up to $30 Off R/C Boats

Wake Your Summer.jpg

From scale to sail, everyone loves a day on the water. Spice up your trips up north with an R/C boat from ProBoat! They offer a great selection of race, scale, and sailboats — some we stock, others we can order, but either way, you can save up to $30 off on ProBoat models during the Wake Your Summer event! Now, through May 31st, 2018, stop in and save. We already have the coupons, so the savings are instant. Check out the savings tiers below, and stop in soon!


Save $10 on These Boats

  • Stealthwake 23" Deep-V
  • Recoil 17" Self-Righting Boat
  • Miss Geico 17" Catamaran

Save $30 on These Boats

  • Ragazza 1M Sailboat
  • UL-19 30" Hydroplane Boat
  • Veles 29" Catamaran
  • Voracity 36" Deep-V
  • Zelos Twin 36" Catamaran
  • Zelos 48" Gas-Powered Catamaran

Save $20 on These Boats

  • Blackjack 24" Brushless Catamaran
  • Shockwave 26" Brushless Deep-V
  • Recoil 26" Brushless Self-Righting Boat
  • River Jet 23" Deep-V
  • Alpha 21" Patrol Boat