2017 Toledo Bus Trip Weather Update

Some of our Toledo Trip attendees have asked if the trip is still on track. This question comes as we brace for yet another (and hopefully final) winter storm. Snow storms like this are not unheard of in April, and we've certainly dealt with our fair share of weather issues in the past, and this storm will be no different.

First, I assure you that the trip is still going as planned as of this moment. If, for some reason, Blue Lakes cancels the trip of their own accord, we will of course reach out to all of you as soon as we know. Barring that, however, the trip will proceed as planned.

However, I know that it is likely some of you will be unable to reach your designated pickup location - especially some of our patrons to the north. In the event that you cannot attend the trip, please contact us, either via email to info (at) rogershobbycenter (dot) com or via the following phone number (now redacted).

This phone number will send you directly to a voicemail account set up solely for the purposes of receiving messages from folks that must cancel their reservation. We ask that you call, if at all possible, before 7:00AM Friday morning to let us know you will not make it, so we are not waiting for someone that will not be showing up. 

In the event that cancellations do occur, we will examine the possibility of partial refunds, even while our official trip policy states that none can be given. This is obviously an extenuating circumstance, and we will do what we can to ensure as much fairness as possible, given the situation.

Any further questions can be directed to myself at (989) 790-0080 (from 10AM until 6PM Thursday) or via email at info (at) rogershobbycenter (dot) com. I hope to see all of you on the bus, and please, be safe in this adverse weather conditions.