New Traxxas Ford GT On Display

2017-04-21 10.13.20.jpg

If you're interested in the new Ford GT by Traxxas, listen up: Traxxas has shipped us a pre-release model to show off in the store. Now, you can check it out and handle it before it releases!

The Traxxas Ford GT will sell for $299.99 when it releases in mid-May, and boasts some features we haven't seen from Traxxas before, like realistic-looking (but non-functional) brake rotors and calipers, a new dual-height battery hold-down, adjustable body mounts (so you can run either 190mm bodies or 200mm bodies) and an all-wheel drive chassis. It also comes standard with Traxxas' TSM stability tech, making it easier than ever to drive.

Stop in and check out the new Ford GT, and if you like what you see, get your pre-order in to be first in line to receive yours!