Losi 3XL-E Arrives

2017-11-09 16.05.42.jpg

Do you want a monster truck for Christmas? How about a big monster truck? With a brushless motor, a flip-top body, large-scale shocks and industry-standard 17MM hexes? Well, then, stop by and pick up a new Losi 3XL-E monster truck! It has everything I just mentioned and more. including a new LCG chassis, a limited-slip center differential, and hard-mounted battery connections.

The 3XL-E is a bit smaller than the massive Traxxas X-Maxx, but more affordable at only $699.99. Batteries and charger aren't included, so you can pick and choose exactly what combination is right for you.

Stop in today and check out the new Losi 3XL-E, and pick one up for that RC entusiast in your life (or, you know, yourself).