SCX10 II In Stock (But Not for Long!)

One of the most anticipated releases so far this year, the SCX10 II has hit our shelves. We were only allotted one for the shelf, and it's not likely to stay here for long. We have more on backorder, and will special order more if you anyone wants to get their name on one when they arrive.

The new SCX10 features:

  • All new axles featuring a high-point ring & pinion
  • An 8° kingpin angle built into the steering for less load on the steering servo
  • A brand new, metal-gear transmission
  • A chassis-mounted servo
  • An adjustable wheel base
  • A forward-mounted battery tray
  • A whole lot more!

The kit runs $349.99.

To learn more about the SCX10 II, check out Axial's product page.