New Store Hours Starting 9/1/15

Effective September 1st, 2015, we have new hours. In order to make our hours simpler to remember and more consistent, we've eschewed the "yo-yo" scheme in favor of the more streamlined hours below:

Monday — Saturday
10am — 6pm


Over the last few years, we've found that our late evenings weren't all that busy — very often it was just two employees standing around, waiting for a customer to come in. We've also found that our current hours setup was difficult for customers to remember, often showing up at the wrong times and finding us closed. Our new hours of operation seeks to fix both of those concerns.

We do understand that some of our customers will find it difficult to stop by if their work schedules conflict with our new hours, and it's not without great thought and consideration that we have decided to change our availability. We hope those that find it impossible to make it here during the week might be able to stop by on Saturday.

As with all the things we do, we will be monitoring how this change goes over the months proceeding the switch. If we see a marked decline in anyway, we will take a careful and measured approach to solving the problem. While we don't anticipate and major issues as a result of our change, we will be listening to our customers.

Thank you to all of our customers over the years and a bigger thanks to our current patrons — we couldn't be here without you! If you have any questions about the change in hours, please contact us and ask, whether you call us, stop in, email us or sound off on our Facebook page. We'll be happy to provide you with whatever answers we can.