ProBoat Recoil 17 Now Available!

Tipping a boat over while running isn't much fun. You have to swim out to get it, or paddle a boat over there, all the while the hull might be filling with water... it's something every boat pilot dreads.

Pro Boat's new Recoil 17 makes this a non-issue. A quick pull of the throttle will right the boat if it were ever to get upside-down. And with a brushless power plant and included 3S 1300mAh LiPo battery, it's probably destined to end up wrong-size up at least occasionally. At only 16.5" long, this deep-v boat is capable of being run almost anywhere. It also features stainless steel hardware (rust won't be a problem), aluminum rudder, fins, and trim tabs (no flexible and brittle plastic here), and worry-free waterproof electronics, all in a ready-to-run packages. Just add 4 AA batteries and go!

The Pro Boat Recoil 17 is available NOW for only $169.99! Pick up yours today!