New Passport Ultra Touch Charger

Dynamite has a new charger on the market that I think will really catch our customer's eyes. The new Passport Ultra Touch is a 100-Watt, AC/DC charger with some great features. First, it has a touchscreen display, making it very user friendly. It comes with charge leads for EC3 and Deans connectors, as well as receiver packs. It sports a 2.1A USB jack, for charging your phone or even the small 1S LiPo batteries that come with our quadcopters. It even has an on/off switch, removing the need to keep unplugging it from the wall at night.

The real advantage of this charger, though, is it's ability to charge at 10 Amps — great if you have a higher charge C-Rating LiPo (like our Dynamite Reaction LiPos). Charging a 5000mAh battery in 1/2 hour means more racing and less waiting. For only $114.99, the Dynamite Passport Ultra Touch is a great way to maximize the fun!