Blade Glimpse FPV Now In Stock

I was excited about the Blade Glimpse from the moment it was announced. I have a tough time flying FPV with goggles (mostly because of my glasses), so a top-notch quadcopter with FPV streaming to a phone sounded pretty amazing. Now, the Glimpse has come out and is in stock.

The Glimpse is equipped with SAFE technology for ease-of-use, and has an integrated HD camera capable of 720P HD capture. It's a little bigger than the Blade Nano QX, and that extra size makes it a bit more stable outdoors, though it's still plenty small enough to fly inside. You can enjoy 6-8 minute flights with the included 500mAh 1S LiPo, and the included USB charger makes recharging a breeze.

The best part about the Glimpse is the First-Person-View setup. It allows streaming to multiple smartphones or tablets with it's "Team View" tech. The stream is still a little laggy, but better than most WiFi FPV rigs. As a primer on FPV flight and aerial photography, the Glimpse should be a winner. Pick up an RTF ($220) or a BNF ($180) today!