Spektrum DX7 Revealed

"Pilots don’t have to give up pro-class features just because they only need seven channels. The new Spektrum™ DX7 system gives [pilots] programming for three model types, 250-model memory, voice alerts, a wireless trainer link and more. The built-in telemetry feature gives you real-time information on things like model battery voltage, signal quality, engine or motor temperature, airspeed, altitude with other options being added all the time. Using the voice alert system, you can program the DX7 to tell you when specific telemetry values reach or exceed limits you define so [pilots] don’t have to rely on luck for critical aircraft information."

The DX6 has been a great selling radio, mostly based on its awesome features and ease of use. Now Spektrum has brought that level of awesome to the new DX7.

There isn't much else that has to be said. If you need a 7-channel radio, there isn't going to be a better one around. Look for the DX7 (with an AR8000 receiver) to hit the shelf later this month for a very reasonable $349.99. Want to make sure you get the first one? Pre-order it today!

Update: It's now in stock!