E-Flite Rare Bear Announced

"What began in 1969 as a derelict wreck is currently the fastest straight-line piston-engine aircraft in the world with a record of 528.3 miles per hour. At 500 pounds lighter and 1000 horsepower stronger than a stock Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat, Race #77 is the crown jewel of the Lewis Air Legends collection. To this day, Rare Bear is a favorite to all except the competition.

The E-flite® Rare Bear radio control airplane delivers an exhilarating flight experience capable of 100+ MPH, right out of the box. Like the full-size, this model has been outfitted with a highly-tuned, oversize power system and all unnecessary weight has been trimmed. This synergy maximizes high-speed thrills without sacrificing the super-friendly handling you expect from an E-flite model."

So says the product announcement press release. It also says this airplane is capable of flying 100+ MPH! We usually get asked how fast an R/C car goes, but now we might start offering the speed of airplanes! The BNF Basic ($229.99) version comes with Horizon's AS3X technology built right in and pre-programmed, which should help fight turbulence when travelling at top speed.

The Rare Bear is sure to excite, and that sharp trim scheme should dazzle as well. Look for this purple speedster on the shelf sometime in April. Pre-orders welcome!