Blade Nano QX 3D Now In Stock

Announced only two weeks ago, the Blade Nano QX 3D has arrived on store shelves. While we only have one left on the shelf at the moment, we are expecting another batch sometime mid-March. They run $129.99 for the Ready-To-Fly version.

Despite their "3D" nomenclature, the nQX 3D isn't entirely a 3D platform. The first two modes offer basic flying controls. The first mode's trigger pull performs a simply flip, while the second mode uses the trigger to roll the quadcopter 180°, allowing it to fly "inverted". I use the quotation marks because, while factually the multi-rotor is upside-down, it flies as though it were still right-side up. Only in the third mode (called EVO mode), does the nQX 3D fly like a traditional 3D helicopter. As such, I can't speak to how accurate that mode is, because I can't actually fly 3D.

The Nano QX 3D is plenty of fun to fly, and it allows an intermediate level pilot like myself to look plenty cool doing flips and rolls. It's got the precision level you'd expect from Blade, and all in all, isn't a bad quadcopter to ease into the high-octane world of 3D flying. Who knows - maybe it will help yours truly be a better pilot!