Introducing the New Losi Night Crawler 2.0

Losi's original Night Crawler was a pretty popular truck when it first came out. With the recent emphasis on scale rigs, though, the Night Crawler sorta got left on the cutting room floor. Now, Losi has rejuvenated the Night Crawler, adding a new lightbar, tossing in a 35T motor, and calling it the Night Crawler 2.0.

The Night Crawler's big claim to fame was a worm-gear based drivetrain, providing the best grip and "drag-brake" possible, and that hasn't changed. You can't turn the tires by hand at all, something rock-crawling enthusiasts know is important when slipping isn't an option. The Night Crawler requires a battery and charger to be purchased separately, which sets you back a bit more, but the truck itself is a pretty good value at only $299.99, complete with radio, motor, ESC, and servo. Stop in and check it out today!