ECX BeatBox & KickFlip Now In Stock

While I was initially skeptical about these 1/36 scale RC vehicles, a test unit we ordered and played with changed my mind. These things are fun. The BeatBox and KickFlip are deceptively simple - the throttle is proportional, but the steering is on/off - it's all right, all center, or all left. This makes it a challenge to drive, but not in a bad way. These two tiny trucks handle utility carpet spectacularly, and even pavement isn't a problem for the foam tires. Tile floors leave them stranded, but the optional rubber tires fix that.

I'm impressed with these two offerings by ECX - their value exceeds their price point, which is a very reasonable $39.99. The BeatBox and KickFlip are fun R/C cars for just about anyone, and even make great gifts! Check them out in the store!