New Dromida Hop-Ups In Stock

Big news for our little cars! Thanks to the fantastic support and sales of the Dromida line last year, we're bringing in some new, upgraded parts! Dromida has an impressive lineup of aluminum parts that really make the vehicles look great and add durability at the same time. We have aluminum axles, dogbones, axle carriers (front and rear), front c-hubs, and shocks, as well as an upgrade kit for each vehicle containing both shock towers and front/rear shocks. Prices vary depending on the item, so check them out in store!

Want to go faster with your Dromida R/C vehicle? Check out the Brushless Upgrade Kit! The kit comes with everything you need to upgrade to the best, fastest motor technology in the hobby. And once you go brushless, adding LiPo batteries to the mix can net you even more speed and runtime!

We've also bringing in Dromida's selection of pre-painted bodies. Help your vehicle stand out from the crowd and make a statement with a different body!

Many of these items are already on our shelves, so don't wait! Pick up your hop-ups today! Get a sneak peak at a fully upgraded Dromida after the break!