Blade 200SRx Power Adjustment Video

If you own a Blade 200 SRx, you know that the power can sometimes be a bit... lacking. This was done to make the 200SRx an easy helicopter for the co-axial pilot to fly, but to those of us that are a bit more advanced in our flying skills, we want to increase the power for this fun little rotorhead.

Well, the guys over at Blade are right there with us, and have posted a nice video on how to up the motor power on the 200SRx, using two different radios: the stock radio that comes with the ready-to-Fly model, and a Spektrum DX9. In both cases, Blade Brand Manager Steve Petrotto shows us how to get these helis up to 200% power. Awesome!

The video is embedded after the break, for your viewing pleasure!