Product Pages Get an Upgrade

It's been a long time since we really upgraded our product pages. It was an upgrade long overdue, but it's finally done. We've transformed our product pages into more image-rich and colorful, catalog-style cards. To most items, we have included a feature we started a while ago called "Staff Opinion", which allows us to give some of the information, which we would traditionally discuss with a customer face-to-face, to all of our virtual visitors. It helps further our goal of having our web experience mirror the experience of visiting our store in person.

We did remove some features as well. Pricing, for instance, has disappeared from our product pages. This is because things like pricing and availability change so frequently that we could not keep up with the changes on our website, and if we couldn't have it correct 100% of the time, we didn't want to have it there at all, cutting down on any misinformation we're promoting. This may be an inconvenience to some, and we apologise for that, but no price is better than the wrong price. We ask that folks call us for pricing and availability.

A lot of time and energy went into making these upgrades, and we hope you all like them!