Nürnberg 2014: Waterproof E-Maxx & E-Revo Brushless

The glaring hole in Traxxas' waterproof lineup was their biggest. The E-Maxx Brushless and E-Revo Brushless were not waterproof, while their brushed cousins enjoyed the occasional shower. Now, though, that's no longer the case.

Traxxas has upgraded to the Mamba Monster 2 system (though they're calling it the "MXL-6S"). The rest of the trucks appear to be largely the same, which is good, since there wasn't anything wrong with the platforms to begin with. Traxxas simply make the change to waterproof electronics, and that's great. Keep it simple.

The new waterproof E-Maxx is expected to sell for around $699.99, while the E-Revo with its waterproof electronics will go for $749.99. They are due out in the coming weeks.