Nürnberg 2014: Vaterra '67 Ford Mustang

Vaterra's onroad cars have seemingly done well for them, and they're venturing into a new brandname yet again: Ford. The venerable Ford Mustang has always been something of a void for the Vaterra cars, and now that void is occupied. The '67 Ford Mustang has the same great features as its cousin, the Chevy Camaro RS. It features a brushed motor and speed control, waterproof electronics, and comes in a complete Ready-to-Run package.

The '67 Mustang is priced like its cousins as well, going for $289.99 when it hits store shelves in April. However, with our difficulty in selling the onroad cars in our area, after multiple attempts, I suspect we'll be sitting this one out. We can always special order one in should the need (or desire) arise.