Nürnberg 2014: ProBoat's Rockstar 48 Gas Boat

It's been a while since ProBoat had a gasoline-powered boat. The Rockstar 48 catamaran fixes that. Capable of speeds in excess of 40 MPH, and powered by the Dynamite 26CC engine, this 48" long boat looks amazing decked out in the Rockstar-sponsered colors.

The Rockstar 48 is also equipped with Horizon's R.O.S.S. system, a remote starting mechanism that allows the user to start the engine from the transmitter. It also features a centrifugal clutch to prevent the prop from spinning at idle. Safety first!

The Rockstar 48 will sell for $1199.99 when it arrives, whenever that is; we don't have an ETA for release yet. And while I doubt we'll be carrying this boat on the shelf, we'll be more than happy to special order one in!