Nürnberg 2014: New Blade 200SRx Fixed Pitch Heli

With the Blade 120SR looking a bit long in the tooth, the time had come long ago for a successor to that throne. And while I'm not entirely sure if the Blade 200SRx is that successor or if it's carving out its own little niche, it's certainly a great looking heli.

The Blade 200SRx is a flybarless helicopter outfitted with brushless main and tail motors for great fixed-pitch performance. It's also the first traditional helicopter (meaning not quadcopters) to be equipped with Horizon's SAFE technology, limiting the pitch and roll of the helicopter for beginners. It even had the panic button to bring the helicopter into a safe, level hovering position!

The Blade 200SRx will be coming out in both a Bind-N-Fly ($219.99) and Ready-to-Fly ($259.99) version. The RTF version is coming with a transmitter similar to the one used on the Blade SR, but with a cool new trim scheme. Both versions will be coming with a 3S 800mAh LiPo battery and AC/DC charger. Current ETA for the heli is Summer 2014. Pre-orders are welcome!