Nürnberg 2014: New Blade 200QX BL Quadcopter

The Blade 350QX was a big hit when it came out towards the end of last year. I know that we sold more of them than even I thought we would. In the wake of that success, Blade has announced a new, smaller version: the Blade 200QX BL.

This new little quad has many of the same features as its big brother: SAFE technology, a slick looking design, and brushless motors. It does lack the SMART mode technologies that the 350QX features, so no GPS, altimeter, or compass, no position lock. But it does appear to allow for a camera to be mounted (I suspect the E-Flite 720P Camera is the camera intended for use). The 200QX BL also features a translucent frame, so the internal LEDs can be used for orientation ques.

The Blade 200QX BL will be only available as a Bind-N-Fly model, and will be selling for $229.99 when it comes out in the summer of 2014. Pre-orders are welcome!