Nürnberg 2014: Losi LST-XXL2 Gasoline Monster Truck

Losi announced their first gasoline-powered 1/8th scale vehicle today. The Losi LST XXL-2 is a true monster at nearly 24-inches long and 18.5-inches wide. All that truck is powered by Dynamite's new .31ci gasoline engine with a Spin-Start drive, meaning no pullstarting required. All the other LST usuals are there too: oversized shocks, double-deck aluminum chassis (red-annodized this time), and the massive 420-size wheels and tires.

Given the troubled development of the HPI Octane gasoline-powered truck, I suspect Losi will be able to claim their's is the first 1/8th scale gasoline moster truck to market. And at a reasonable $799.99 price tag, this might just be the straw that breaks the nitro camel's back. Look for this big boy to come out in May. Pre-orders are welcome, may require a deposit.