HobbyZone Delta Ray Now In Stock

It's been some time since I've updated our news section. Today's update is to announce that we now have the new HobbyZone Delta Ray in stock! this slick-looking flying wing is designed to be a perfect beginner's airplane. It features four fully proportional channels (throttle, rudder, elevator, and aileron) to get a new pilot up to speed quickly. It's built of durable Z-Foam, meaning it will take a good beating before becoming damaged. It comes as a full, Ready-to-Fly package for only $179.99.

But the best part of the Delta Ray is the inclusion of Horizon's amazing SAFE technology, allowing even novice pilots to feel in control as they learn. The envelope limiting system keeps the pilot from getting turned upside down. And the panic button is there for any dicey situation. I've personally flown the Delta Ray, and I'd recommend it to any beginner.

Check out Horizon's video after the break!