Blade 350QX Quad-Rotor Camera Platform Revealed

Many of our customers have come into the store looking for a "drone" platform; something that can have a camera attached to it, and be remotely piloted. Whether the desire stems from a search and rescue need (as some of our friends in law enforcement have asked about), to taking pictures of real estate, to just having fun with a camera, many of you have asked us about these platforms. Until now, there weren't any we could obtain - they were direct-to-consumer items only available on the Internet. Until now.

Blade has unveiled what may be their most successful product to date: the Blade 350QX. A firm release date isn't available yet - they're just saying "Fall 2013" - but I know these will be strong sellers, and even Horizon has said that they expect to sell out of pre-orders. So don't hesitate - pre-order yours today!

Details on the quadcopter and video after the break!

Details on the quadcopter are sketchy, but here is what we know:

  • It will be available in Bind-N-Fly ($419.99) and Ready-to-Fly ($469.99) versions. This means it must come with Spektrum technology radio equipment. Not a surprise, but good to know.
  • It's about 18" square, which is a decent size. Not huge, but not bad, either.
  • It comes with four 1100Kv brushless motors and a 3S 2200mAh 30C LiPo battery. No word on what transmitter the RTF version will have packaged with it. (I'm guessing some version of the DX6i, with all the switches that need to be thrown on the thing. Either that, or a custom transmitter with the extra switches tossed in.)
  • It will have three modes: Smart Mode, Stability Mode, and Agility Mode. The GPS and Altimeter are always on with Smart Mode, can be toggled on/off in Stability Mode, and are apparently off on Agility Mode.
  • The GPS function also allows for a "Return Home" feature, which, with the flip of a switch, will return the 350QX to the location where it's motors were started. Neat!
  • It has Horizon's new SAFE technology on board, including AS3X.

That's all we know so far (with a bit of speculation tossed in). Keep an eye on our news feed to see when more news becomes available!