Team Associated Revives a Classic

For the last year or so, I've been telling people that Team Associated needed to reissue the original RC10 buggy. The plastic model industry has recently had a resurgence, no doubt thanks to the reissuing of old kits that the now 40- and 50-year-old modelers remember picking up and building when they first started. I thought that Associated could see a similar uptick in their market share by re-releasing a vehicle many R/C hobbyists hold dear.

Proving that great minds do think alike, Team Associated last week announced plans to do just that - they are reissuing the original (pre-Stealth) RC10 buggy. It will come in kit form, just like the original, and thus will require a radio system, motor, speed control and sundry other items. The kit will cost $249.99, street price.

These RC10s will be only available in a limited fashion, so if you'd like one, you should pre-order one as soon as you can. Associated anticipates selling out of these quickly, so per-order one today!