Balance Connector Protector Clips Now In Stock

Ever pull a balance wire out of your LiPo battery? Or maybe you had the little metal clip break inside the balance connector? I have. These things happen because we end up pulling on the balance wires and not on the plug itself. But that little connector is so hard to get a hold of!

The Balance Connector Protector clips give you more purchase on the connector itself, preventing those damages to the battery. We use them on all our LiPo batteries here at the store, and I think anyone that uses LiPo batteries will like them. We currently stock them in 2S and 3S variants. Both kinds sell for $2.00/pair. We can add in other cell counts if we get enough requests to do so. So check out these awesome little clips, and protect your balance leads!

Edit: I goofed on the price. They're really only $1.00/pair.