Pactra, Being Closed Out, Drops in Price

The time has, unfortunately, come. It was announced in May that Pactra, along with Floquil and Polyscale train paints, was being discontinued. We vowed to continue carrying the brands for as long as we could. It has now become difficult to order enough colors in Pactra that we are dropping the line.

Effective immediately, we have dropped the prices on Pactra cans from $6.99ea to $5.49ea. Pactra 2/3 oz. jars of airbrushable paint have dropped from $4.99ea to $2.99ea. These prices will continue until we have sold the last of the paint.

To replace Pactra, we will be picking up the Tamiya PolyCarbonate Paint line. Tamiya offers over 60 colors to choose from, which is actually more than Pactra had. Please note that Tamiya paints are not compatible with Pactra, so you cannot use them together. As our inventory of Pactra wanes, more and more Tamiya paint will arrive to replace it.

So stop in soon and pick up a couple cans of your favorite color before it's gone forever!