Mysterious New Brand from Horizon Hobby

Horizon Hobby has a history of playing games with consumers when they announce a new product. Way back in September of 2011, Horizon posted this video to their YouTube account. They lead fans on a merry chase along three more videos until finally revealing the AS3X gyro tech.

Today marks another (albeit shorter) guessing game. Horizon posted a video again today, featuring a pile of rocks shaped into a mysterious logo. Then the tag line "Adventure Driven" appears. What could it mean? We'll find out on the 30th of January. But that doesn't mean we can't have fun guessing! Head to our Facebook Page if you've got a guess! My guess and the video are after the break.

My opinion on this? Well, let's break it down. We have rocks. Lots and lots of rocks. We're definately outside. Then there's the "Adventure Driven" (emphasis mine) tag line. I suspect that we're dealing with a new line of rock crawlers / trail runners. This makes sense, since Great Planes recently purchased Axial. And the two competing giants probably feel that they need to go blow for blow against each other.

Another possibility is an accessory line (batteries, chargers, etc). But I don't buy that. It's too grounded, and if there was a new accessory brand coming from Horizon, they would want it to have a universal appeal - meaning they want airplane and heli guys to buy the products as well as car guys. So I think accessories are out.

What do you think?