Blade Heli Price Drops: 300X, mSRX, 130X

Horizon Hobby just announced new, lower pricing on a handful of their Blade Helicopters. First, the Blade 300X is now selling for $319.99, down from $379.99. Next, the Blade mSRX helicopters, both Bind-N-Fly and Ready-To-Fly, are selling for a paltry sum of $99.99. I'm guessing that these helicopters didn't light the world on fire sales-wise, and they are getting ready to be discontinued.

The final the heli to see a price cut is the Blade 130X. It's now selling for $249.99, down from $279.99. I'm not sure how to rationalize this price-drop; I always thought the 130X sold well. Time will tell, I suppose.