Blade mCPX BL Announced

File this one in category "Why Won't They Let This Heli Die?". Horizon today announced the third iteration of the mCP X in under a year. Dubbed the mCP X BL, this new helicopter features brushless main and tail motors. It also has a brand new blade design (longer than the originals) and uses a 2S 200mAh LiPo instead of the 1S 200mAh it previously used. As a matter of fact, comparing images of the mCPX v2 and the new BL, I can't see anything that looks the same. Different blade grips, different landing skids, different (and cooler) canopy. The new heli will be shipping in about a month and runs $229.99. It's only available in Bind-N-Fly. Unless some customers surprise me with pre-orders, I think I'll take a wait and see on this one. Video after the break.