Hollywood in Training: Traxxas Reboots 1/16th Slashes

Traxxas has announced two new SKUs for the 1/16th Slash model. The first one (#7009) is a reboot of the 1/16th Slash VXL, which now comes with a Traxxas Link 2.4GHz radio system, bringing it up to par with all the other 1/16th VXL models. It'll be priced around the $300 range, in line with the other 1/16th VXL models. No word on a release date yet.

The other truck (#7005) is a reboot of the brushed varient of the 1/16th Slash. The main "upgrade" here is going from the smaller 370 size motor to the now-standard Titan 12T motor. It still comes with the Traxxas 27AM radio, battery, and charger. This one will be priced in the $200 range, which, again, is par for the 1/16th scale course. It's due out in early October.